The Benefits of Choosing an AAHA Accredited Veterinary Clinic

AAHA accreditedAs a pet owner, choosing the right veterinary clinic is a matter of trust and confidence. Knowing your pet is in good hands is essential, as is feeling supported in receiving the best care possible. That’s why knowing what an AAHA accreditation means to you and your pet is important.

Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center has been AAHA accredited since 1963. We’re happy to assure our clients that we strive at every level to meet and exceed AAHA standards of excellence.

What is AAHA?

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) was founded in 1933 with the purpose of establishing and overseeing the veterinary profession and its reputation and guidelines. To date, it’s the only professional organization of its kind in the field of veterinary medicine.