The Endless Benefits of a Cat Friendly Practice

cat friendly practiceCats are America’s top pet, but they don’t receive the same level of veterinary care and support as their counterparts. Some of this is due to the stress and fear related to traveling, but a major deterrent for cats and their owners is the cold, scary environment of many veterinary hospitals. At Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center, we’re prepared to change that perception with our cat friendly practice, and we’re positive you’ll see the difference.

Alarming Trend

It’s well documented that cats visit the vet less often. Allowing routine wellness visits to slide can drastically affect a cat’s overall health and longevity. However, when visiting a cat friendly practice, cats receive the care they need while experiencing less stress and fear.

Establishing a good rapport with a cat is easier during kittenhood. Certainly, cats of all ages can learn to love the vet’s office, but if we can convince a young cat that we care for them, routine care is more likely in the long run.