When Awareness Leads to Prevention: Guarding Against Pet Diabetes

Pet diabetes is a serious pet health concern, but it also very treatable

As it’s commonly referred to in pets, diabetes mellitus is a disease of the pancreas. Responsible for the production and secretion of insulin, a healthy pancreas will produce enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control. In a diabetic cat or dog, there’s either a shortage of insulin or there isn’t a normal response to the hormone. Since 2011 the diagnosis of diabetes has increased 32% in canines and 16% in felines.

While the exact cause of pet diabetes is unknown, it’s well-documented that extra weight can dramatically impact the development of the disease. Over 50% of all dogs and cats are overweight or obese. Since we can control the type and amount of food that pets receive, preventing diabetes is possible.


Cat Vaccinations: What You Need to Know

Cat vaccinations promote feline health. While it may often seem like our feline friends are forever-protected by their mythical nine lives, the truth is; that’s simply not the case. Cats are susceptible to disease, just like any other living creature, and need the protections provided by cat vaccinations throughout their life if they are to remain happy and purring members of our families.

Thankfully, your veterinary team at Rutland Veterinary Clinic have the prowess your pussycat needs to live a long and full life. As a certified cat-friendly practice and working towards our Fear Free Certification, we pride ourselves on providing excellent veterinary cat care – both in our office and through home visits – and know that the cornerstone of your cat’s wellness care is keeping your cat’s vaccinations (and boosters) current throughout their life. Continue…

The Endless Benefits of a Cat Friendly Practice

cat friendly practiceCats are America’s top pet, but they don’t receive the same level of veterinary care and support as their counterparts. Some of this is due to the stress and fear related to traveling, but a major deterrent for cats and their owners is the cold, scary environment of many veterinary hospitals. At Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center, we’re prepared to change that perception with our cat friendly practice, and we’re positive you’ll see the difference.

Alarming Trend

It’s well documented that cats visit the vet less often. Allowing routine wellness visits to slide can drastically affect a cat’s overall health and longevity. However, when visiting a cat friendly practice, cats receive the care they need while experiencing less stress and fear.

Establishing a good rapport with a cat is easier during kittenhood. Certainly, cats of all ages can learn to love the vet’s office, but if we can convince a young cat that we care for them, routine care is more likely in the long run.