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Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound: Incredible Accuracy for a Faster Diagnosis

When a pet is ill or injured, getting insight into the problem is not something to wait for—this is where digital imaging, among other diagnostics, is incredibly beneficial.

Handsome Dog Digital radiology uses lower doses of radiation and does not require time-consuming development of film slides, as do traditional x-rays. This means it is safer for your pet and you will receive answers within minutes. Digital imaging is also much easier to share when other specialists are involved in treatment planning.

X-ray and ultrasound are essential diagnostic tools in confirming a range of conditions, including fractures, foreign objects that have been ingested, organ size and condition, and cardiovascular health.

We are pleased to offer our clients both digital x-ray and ultrasound, suitable for pets of all ages, including pregnant females and puppies/kittens. Ultrasounds are available one day a week by our certified ultrasonographer.

Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment at your convenience. If you are not a current client, you may also request an ultrasound referral from your veterinarian. Simply download our form to have your veterinarian fill out.

Ultrasound Referral Form