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What It Means to Be a Cat Friendly Practice

Did you know that only 50% of cats in the United States get regular veterinary care after their first year? As many cat owners will attest, cats are quite sensitive to noise, smells, and the presence of other animals (namely, dogs). As a territorial species, their sense of safety comes from familiar terrain and the ability to hide.

Cat in a Basket This is why the American Association of Feline Practitioners developed guidelines around how animal hospitals can become cat friendly. These guidelines address strict adaptations that can be made to make a practice more accommodating to the needs of felines, including separate waiting areas and boarding suites and staff training based on gentle handling.

Because cats are particularly adept at hiding signs of pain or illness until a problem becomes significant, annual wellness exams are critical in keeping your feline friend healthy.

Helpful Information for Cat Owners

At Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center, we want all of our wonderful pets to get the care they need. It is our pleasure and commitment to uphold our Cat Friendly Practice designation in everything we do.

Call us to schedule an appointment or to inquire about comfortable, low-stress boarding in our feline-only suite.