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Making Pet Wellness Care Affordable Through Preventive Care Plans

Consistent annual wellness care is imperative to your pet’s lifelong health and increased longevity. Wellness care, or preventive care, encompasses all aspects of pet health—from nutrition and behavior to vaccines and diagnostics for early disease detection

Pet wellness cat with bright blue eyes To help make wellness care accessible, affordable, and easy for pet owners, we offer Preventive Care Plans through Petly® Plans, which cover all of those important preventive health needs. Depending on which plan you choose, many of your pet’s essential wellness care services will be covered, with the convenience of affordable monthly payments.

Some of the important wellness services covered by our Preventive Care Plans, based on your choice of membership, include:

Puppy & Kitten Wellness

  • Examination
  • Core vaccines, including the option of non-core vaccines
  • Parasite screening
  • Deworming
  • Microchipping

Adult & Senior Wellness

  • Annual examination
  • Core vaccines, plus the option of non-core vaccines
  • Lyme disease/heartworm test
  • Routine blood work
  • Nail trims

To learn more about our Preventive Care Plans and pet wellness, please contact us.